HI FREQ GIRL is just one of the many poppin’ tracks off his late 2016 EP called “NEWK!D!NCLASS”. It’s a track that will immediately get your attention.

DRUMMAKID wrote the track especially for the women who are brave enough to stand out. His definition of a HI FREQ GIRL is a woman who ain’t afraid to be herself and show the world how unique and powerful she is.

The black goddess in the video (Laise Sanches) performs mantra moves with tempting vibes in a basement. It resonates with the raw and overdriven 808’s in the song. She is different and unique. She is herself. She is a HI FREQ GIRL.

The song is about spreading a positive message to women in the world.

“Be you, strive to be better and show the naked truth – DRUMMAKID”


  • Release date25-01-2017
  • Label / PublisherKRUGANG
  • FormatDigital